Folding Monument (Monument to the Declaration of Independence, Guatemala City)


Upcycled cotton canvas, canvas ribbons and thread (variable dimensions)

This work is a scale replica of a monument which commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence of Central America. It contains a marble plaque that reads: THE DECLARATION OF/ INDEPENDENCE/ OF/ CENTRAL AMERICA/ WAS SIGNED HERE ON/ SEPTEMBER/ 15/ 1821. 


Since it’s placement, this monument could be found at its original location at the Centenario Park, in zone 1, Guatemala City. Yet, following so-called plans to build a new monument in commemoration of the bicentennial, in the same location, the structure was recently removed and put in a storage facility nearby -where it is being poorly maintained- with plans to destroy it in the coming months. 


Guatemala’s municipality is currently being sued by architect José María Magaña, conservator of monuments and historical centers, for committing a felony against cultural heritage. Although it’s been stated that the building of this new “monument to the bicentennial” has been authorized by the local Institute of Anthropology and History, the municipality is now denying references being made to a memorial and describing this project as a new “pedestrian space”.


Photos: Luis Corzo


Photo: José Oquendo

PHOTO-2021-11-07-10-38-09 2.jpg

Installation views, XYZ Present Future, Artissima Art Fair, Turin, Italy, 2021

Presented by Proyectos Ultravioleta, Guatemala City. Curated by Fernanda Brenner and Ilaria Gianni